Superman (1941 - 1943)

The Superman animated cartoons were a series of animated Technicolor short films,
produced by Fleischer Studios from 1941 to 1942 and Famous Studios from 1942 to
1943 and released by Paramount Pictures between 1941 and 1943.


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Superman (September 26, 1941)

The Man of Steel fights a mad scientist who is destroying Metropolis with an energy cannon.


Mechanical Monsters

The Mechanical Monsters (November 21, 1941)

Superman battles a criminal mastermind inventor who has built giant robots that are extremely powerful and can fly like planes.


Billion Dollar Limited

Billion Dollar Limited (January 9, 1942)

An enormous gold shipment en route to the mint is hijacked by well armed robbers while Lois Lane is trapped in the runaway locomotive.


Arctic Giant

The Arctic Giant (February 26, 1942)

An expedition unearths a frozen Tyrannosaurus in the Siberian tundra and brings it back to the USA where it accidentally thaws and runs amok.


The Bulleteers

The Bulleteers (March 26, 1942)

Extortionists with a super-powerful bullet-shaped flying rocket car threaten destruction to Metropolis. At first they seem to defeat even Superman, but their capture of Lois Lane spurs him to new efforts.


Terror on the Midway

Terror on the Midway (August 30, 1942)

While Clark and Lois are reviewing a circus, "Gigantic" the gorilla escapes and endangers Lois.  In the resulting chaos, other dangerous animals escape and threaten disaster.



Showdown (October 16, 1942)

A crook dressed as Superman commits a series of robberies.  The real Superman must work fast to counter the bad publicity.


Eleventh Hour

Eleventh Hour (November 20, 1942)

Reporters Clark Kent and Lois Lane visit wartime Japan.  While there, Superman commits sabotage each night at 11:00 endangering Lois.


The Mummy Strikes

The Mummy Strikes (February 19, 1943)

While investigating an egyptologist's mysterious death, Superman must battle dangerous mummies.


Secret Agent

Secret Agent (July 30, 1943)

Clark Kent helps a pretty blonde Federal agent escape a gang of Nazi saboteurs and lets himself be captured to learn their plans.

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